How to Target the Right Keywords for Your Company

Marketers frequently encounter a unique challenge: identifying keywords with substantial monthly search volumes and low difficulty, offering a prime SEO content opportunity for a company. However, decision-makers or subject matter experts often resist using these words.

Why does this resistance occur?

While your marketing team likely possesses foundational SEO knowledge and can conduct keyword research, the rest of your organization may not grasp the value that keywords bring to your company's content and brand visibility.

Company leaders may adhere to ingrained brand language ideas that overlook SEO. They might have developed a glossary of terms to describe the brand, opting for keyword phrases that align with their perception of the brand.

So, what's the issue?

These preferred branded keywords or leader-coined terms often have low search volume, providing little impact on a brand’s digital content goals. By doing so, companies risk missing out on results achievable by targeting more competitive, highly searched keywords alongside their branded ones.

The Significance of Keywords

Keywords are neutral; some are simply searched more than others. Choosing the right keywords isn't about the most colorful or unique language but about selecting terms people use to search for related services.

Companies may want language reflecting their values, mission, culture, and story, but their target audience might use different keywords. This presents an opportunity for the company to engage with their audience effectively and convert them into customers.

Brands should target keywords already searched, balancing short-term results with long-term visibility for branded phrases.

How to Choose Keywords for Your Brand

Balancing branded keywords with competitive search terms requires different strategies for various scenarios.

Scenario 1: No Identified Keywords

Scenario 2: Brand or Industry Changes

Scenario 3: Identified Keywords, Unsure How to Use

SEO is a continual, evolving strategy, requiring ongoing discovery and incorporation of new terms to align with audience preferences and industry changes.

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